We are a trustworthy partner, with a sound track record, a clear vision of the future and a wide range of skills that allow us to support Banks and Financial Institutions, of all types and sizes, offering technological solutions that are always cutting-edge along with the regulatory advice necessary to address and create value out of the profound revolution underway in the world of Consumer Finance.


Reshaping the consumer finance paradigm by focusing our expertise and solutions on our customers’ end-users’ needs


We design modular, end-to-end and technologically advanced digital solutions to address customers' current and emerging needs in the field of consumer finance. Solutions that offer our customers new business models and end users a first-class user experience, based on robust back-end platforms and exceptional and specialized know-how in the world of e-commerce financing and smart/digital lending.



The three letters of OCS are not an acronym, but they certainly express who we want to be and what we want our way of doing business, as a community and as individuals, to be inspired by.

Some call them values, we like to say that they are the mainstays of our work and the responsibility we embrace every day.


Opportunity & Ownership

We strive to be an Opportunity for Our Customers and for our People. We will fight to Create Value for our Customers, to let our People Grow, as professionals and as Individuals in an equal opportunity environment Our People take ownership and are at the core of our value proposition

Competence & Courage

We take bold moves based on the robust foundation of our Team Competence. We strive for Excellence , we encourage People Development and Responsibility, we accept Mis-takes as a way of learning

Significance & Speed

Whatever we do has to be important and relevant to our Customers. It has to be transforma-tive. We do things right, fast

Key Milestones

Having a past is an excellent starting point for the future!

Corporate / Clients
Product development
  • OCS Foundation OCS Foundation
  • OCS consulting integration OCS consulting integration
  • Focus on Consumer Credit Focus on Consumer Credit

Major modules
and functionalities

  • Pioneer in credit scoring<br>development & monitoring Pioneer in credit scoring
    development & monitoring
  • Base module Base module
  • Collection Collection
  • Instalment loans Instalment loans
  • Credit cards Credit cards
Loghi 1989 - 2002
  • Leasing Leasing
  • Long-term car renting Long-term car renting
  • Stock Financing Stock Financing
Loghi 2003
  • Revolving credit Revolving credit
Loghi 2005 - 2010
  • Securitization Securitization
  • Pre-screening Cerved Pre-screening Cerved
  • WorkFlow WorkFlow
  • Credit & Collection Strategy Tool Credit & Collection Strategy Tool
Loghi 2013 - 2015
  • LGD (Loss given default) LGD (Loss given default)
  • Banking products Banking products
  • Sales-force monitoring Sales-force monitoring
Loghi 2016 - 2018
  • Third parties finan. prod. Third parties finan. prod.
  • Consumer factoring Consumer factoring
Loghi 2019 - 2020
  • Retirement Fin. (TFS) Retirement Fin. (TFS)
  • Banking products Reverse Mortgage