The growth and transformation we have undertaken depend - in a decisive way – on the quality of the people who work with us. That is why we have decided to pay special attention to them, through a new program called OCS4Growth.

OCS4Growth with a wide variety of development, retention and growth programs for our people:


Welfare Program

Education & Training
(Technical, Functional, Management)



Incentive &
Retention Programs

But these programs alone are not enough to make a difference and make OCS a place where you work well and with pleasure.
The difference lies in our management style, in open and continuous communication, in transparency, in rewarding merit and competence and in the ability to create a work environment that is professional, professionalising and dynamic but at the same time pleasant and inspired by respect for individuals and that aims to enhance differences. In short, an environment in which our values find concrete and tangible application every day.