Innovation must be continuous, relevant and sustainable.

It continues because any digital solution, however modern and cutting-edge, will soon be superseded by new emerging customer needs or will be displaced by new enabling technologies.

Relevant, , it must generate value by meeting the needs of customers and end users, not just for those who produce it.

Sustainable, innovation means investing in talent, technologies, know-how, partnerships, building a coherent and steady path that can count on financial and intellectual resources that are appropriate to the challenge, now and in the future.

That is why we have built OCS4Innovation, a Competence Hub around us, selecting and building strong alliances with a group of travel companions that are among the most qualified in their field. A Hub that will continue to grow and develop, in a continuous exchange of know-how and value to make available to our customers.

At the end of 2020, OCS took over Talentomobile, an innovative Spanish fintech that in just a few years has built a high visibility space in the field of UI/UX, the development of digital solutions and ID and customer recognition technologies, secure authentication and the use of AI technologies to reinvent the relationship between Customer and Bank.
Talentomobile, now controlled by OCS, is a real Competence Center for these frontier areas and can count on a team of around 80 professionals whose goal is to enable new business models and new ways of interacting with customers.
Starting from a mobile-first strategy, Talentomobile operates in the Banking and Insurance sector and leads important digital transformation projects thanks to solutions based on cutting-edge technologies and applications with special focus on one of the segments with the greatest growth and strategic relevance: digital customer onboarding.
Since 2021 Talentomobile, through its Talentomobile Latam branch in Mexico City, has also been active in the promising Latin American market.

Corporate Partners


Datrix is a data-driven tech company that develops Augmented Analytics software solutions with applications in multiple fields and economic sectors. Datrix has col-laborated in an exclusive way with OCS in the Financial Services sector since 2020 to create best-in-class solutions integrated with the OCS Suite and aimed at customer profiling, risk scoring and credit rating.Datrix aims to be the reference point in the world of Digital & Fintech Data Disrup-tion through the direct development of technology, solutions and services based on Artificial Intelligence.

Fintech District

Since 2019 OCS has been a Corporate Member of the Fintech District, “The Gate-way to the Italian Fintech Ecosystem”, an ecosystem aimed at creating, cultivating and growing innovative ideas and companies for the world of Finance and its new needs.

Technology Partners

Mia Platform

After a long and careful international selection procedure, OCS has chosen Mia-Platform to implement the technological evolution of its core platforms. Mia-Platform is the first solution on the market that allows you to create the Digital In-tegration Hub: a native cloud platform based on APIs, microservices, events and fast data, controlled through a single DevOps Console. A solution that allows OCS to implement the technology transformation of its Core Suite by enabling it to use a full-cloud, independent and modular database, without dissipating the inherent wealth of functionality and expertise.


Ivolution was created with the aim of enabling the evolution of the software plat-form through advanced and innovative solutions. The in-depth expertise in the world of IBM I-Series associated with the availability of innovative platforms for code transformation (in particular, the Profound Logic suite), makes Ivolution the ideal partner to support OCS in the innovation and technological transfor-mation process undertaken.


ATS supports OCS, with highly specialized teams, in the evolution of architectures and in the development of components of new Back-End and Front-End technolo-gies. Collaboration amplifies mutual expertise, leading to tangible benefit for end customers.

Crispy Bacon

A young and vibrant Venetian start-up “raised” in the Fintech District, Crispy Bacon offers web development, mobile development, UI/UX, Cloud computing and Digital Transformation services.As they themselves say, "We deliver memorable experiences using disruptive meth-odologies, approaches and technologies." They did it for us too, helping us to make the user interface of the new front end applications appealing.


Deda.Cloud is the partner that OCS has chosen to manage the platform in SAAS. Deda.Cloud manages Tier 4 data centers in full compliance with the highest stand-ards of security and reliability, guaranteeing the continuity of service and robust-ness required by our customers.