Innovation must be continuous, relevant and sustainable.

It continues because any digital solution, however modern and cutting-edge, will soon be superseded by new emerging customer needs or will be displaced by new enabling technologies.

Relevant, , it must generate value by meeting the needs of customers and end users, not just for those who produce it.

Sustainable, innovation means investing in talent, technologies, know-how, partnerships, building a coherent and steady path that can count on financial and intellectual resources that are appropriate to the challenge, now and in the future.

That is why we have built OCS4Innovation, a Competence Hub around us, selecting and building strong alliances with a group of travel companions that are among the most qualified in their field. A Hub that will continue to grow and develop, in a continuous exchange of know-how and value to make available to our customers.

Corporate Partners

Logo Divido


Divido, a white-label omnichannel platform for retail finance to support consumers “buy now, pay later” option at the point of sale, recently raised a $30 million Series B to fund international expansion, also backed by OCS the Italian Leader in Digital Consumer Finance Platforms. The funding round is led by global banks HSBC and ING, with participation from Sony Innovation Fund by IGV*, SBI Investment, Global Brain and DG Daiwa Ventures along with existing investors DN Capital, Dawn Capital, IQ Capital and Amex Ventures. The Platform connects lenders, merchants and partners at the point of sale, transforming retail finance with proven technology and industry expertise to create a flexible way to control and configure payments in a way that meets the evolving needs of customers at the point of sale. OCS investment is instrumental to lead a major penetration of the Platform in Italy. OCS will sell, promote and integrate the Platform – under the OCS Omnichannel Financing Platform brand – to enable its customers to offer a complete, end-to-end, user friendly financing experience to the end users, both on-line and in-store, with the same approach, user interface and experience. The native integration of OCS Consumer Lending Suite with the Omnichannel Platform will not only allow customers (both lenders and merchants) to offer a complete Buy-Now-Pay-Later option to end users, but any kind of financing option, due to the richness and completeness of OCS back-end suite. A game changer in the Consumer Lending space. Launched in 2014, Divido now has more than 1,000 clients and operates in ten markets across two continents. The company's mission is to transform retail finance and enable its lender and merchant customers to get to market, fast, with a superior, value-driven and responsible retail finance programme. Today, customers such as BNP Paribas, Nordea, and Lenovo have been enabled to get to market fast, with a proven, multi-geo, omni-channel platform.