Application Management

The Application Management division offers OCS customers specialised services for all ordinary and extraordinary running activities of the application machine.

OCS staff is highly specialised at the functional and technical level and is able to provide continuous support both to the business area and to the customer's organisational and IT units.

The Application Management service can be configured on multiple levels in order to perfectly meet the needs of outsourcing services.


By way of non-limiting example, the services that can be activated are:

  • First-level help desk service: call centre dedicated to receiving reports, taking charge, resolving or transmitting to higher levels of service
  • Second-level help desk service: service offered by operators with mixed functional and technical skills using ticketing instruments in the ways agreed with the customer. The service comprises a series of activities such as
    • Analysis of reports
    • Workaround application:
    • Census and management of reports:
    • Incident management related to other interfaces:
    • Service Level Reporting
    • Service management:
    • Functional support
  • Operational technical help desk service: the operators in charge of this activity mainly possess technical skills and perform the following activities:
    • Technical Support
    • Project management
    • Software installations
    • Major release installations
    • Configurations
    • Scheduling
    • Management and monitoring of input/output integrations
    • Extractions and debugging
    • Refresh of environments
  • Test support: includes activities related to the running and support of tests related to the roll-out of new projects or the installation of OCS system upgrade releases:
    • Preparation of test book
    • Running of SIT
    • Test certification
    • UAT support/running